Harbert Realty Services Announces The Birmingham Pain Center as Key Tenant / Owner at MedPlex Medical Office Building

Hoover, AL – May 10, 2017 – Harbert Realty Services announces The Birmingham Pain Center (BPC) as key tenant/owner of MedPlex Medical Office Building. The building was acquired by Southlake Medical Office Partners (consisting of the BPC physicians) on November 23, 2015, and is undergoing a complete renovation. West Harris, Executive Vice President at Harbert, acted as broker in the deal. “We are pleased that BPC ends up with a new facility with the latest technology,” said Harris. ”The renovated space will provide an excellent location for BPC to serve its patients.”

Williams Blackstock Architects (architect), Robins and Morton (general contractor), and Harbert Realty Services (developer / leasing and management) are the key players in the renovation.

The Birmingham Pain Center occupies the second floor of the building along with half of the first floor space, equaling approximately 15,000 sf. BPC has been a trusted provider of comprehensive office-based pain management for over 20 years. Michael G. Gibson, MD, Nitin Chhabra, MD, Dr Daniel Chang, MD and Jay R. Heisler, PhD, lead the practice.

“Harbert is very excited about BCP’s relocation to the prominent Southlake area in Hoover,” said Beckee Taunton, the property manager. ”With BCP anchoring the building, we anticipate that MedPlex will be an attractive medical office option for the Southlake market.”

The third floor and the remaining half of the first floor are available for lease (Learn More).

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