Meet Bo Flurry, the Executive Atop Birmingham’s Multifamily Mountain


An amazing amount of ink has been devoted in the last few years to the multifamily market in Birmingham. A relatively large number of new apartment buildings have been built in the city center as well as in the popular U.S. 280 corridor, and other areas as well. But the other side of the multifamily phenomenon is that investors–both local and from out of state – have been consistently targeting the Magic City’s existing apartment complexes as they look for returns that aren’t available in other cities.

Of course, Birmingham is just one market experiencing an “apartment boom,” as generational shifts, student debt, and urban living have converged to create  huge demand for rental product nationwide.

That’s where Bo Flurry has made a name for himself as the managing director of Rock Apartment Advisors, which specializes in multifamily investment sales not just in Birmingham, but around the Southeast.

Flurry recently sat down with the BBJ to discuss what differentiates Birmingham from other markets for multifamily investors, and how Birmingham can continue its success….

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